How will the editing process happen?


First, we will agree on a time schedule and agree a price based on the type and level of editing you require. Then, this is how it works:


STEP 1: You send us your text in either a .doc .docx or .rtf format.


STEP 2: We edit your text, with all the changes highlighted for you, and some comments added if needed. It will look something like the example below.


STEP 3: We return the document to you, via email, and we can discuss any questions you may have (big or small), and exchange suggestions and thoughts until it is exactly how you want it. 


Note: In Finland, e-invoicing can be provided, y-tunnus 2458085-5.




copy and language editing


Suzanne Collins



finland mobile: +358 (0)465726390

uk mobile:  +44 (0)7793817864
email: suzanne[at]


Allie Collins